Budo principles

* Budo / Karate contains many good old traditions from Japan where to abstinence them and a real etiquette principles some karate provider shall remember and do its best to abstinence and live them.

* Karate etiquette is a necessary basis for learning karate, only practitioners who follow the rules of the club, is wanted in the dojo, respectful and serious attitude as well as a polite appearance is of great importance in karate you have to always remember it

Dojo rules:

Before entering the dojo (training hall) must Gien (karate suit) sit properly and the belt to be tied.
Removing the jacket and belt after exercise may only be in the locker room.

  • At the entrance of the dojo, stop up and bows feet together (Musobi-dachi), accompanied by an audible ‘us’. The same applies when leaving the dojo.

– When the chief instructor and other high graded karatekas (karate practitioners) enters the dojo, bows at them,
By the highest graded present yell ‘rei’, while everyone in the dojo bows with an ‘Us’.

– If you arrive late, you sit in the kneeling position meditation (zazen) just inside the entrance to the dojo, facing the wall, and meditate until the coach gives a sign that one can participate in the training.

– You always greet the Dojo when stepping in or out, and black belts with a bow and the words “OSS
– When you want to enter or leave the dojo, bows to the shinden (only 30ยค) and say: “onegai shimasu” which means, “Be nice to help me or teach me”, or “OSS” loud and clear.
Students always greet the instructors and black belts with a bow and the words “OSS

– In the club / Dojo welcomes all Budo / karate people together with “OSS” instead of “Hello and” goodbye “and so on.

– Club students / members should wear a white karate gi with a sewn Genseiryu brand or Genkidokairyu brand Students should strive always to keep his Gi clean and appear well-groomed.

– Train always in a clean Gi in the dojo and Gi must always wear club / Style breast brand.

– Elves must always remember both finger and toe nails must always be cut short, to avoid injuries when you train together.

– Dojo Do not walk with shoes, those put in good order at the entrance of the dojo same with his personal property.

– Students must always remember to put watches, rings, jewelry o. The like. during exercise and chewing gum, soft drinks, etc. prohibited during training.

– Singing and whistling in the dojo is also prohibited. like extraneous noise and private chat is undesirable during training.

– If you want to ask something, you give the sign for the
A polite attitude to the coach / Sensei and training colleagues is required.

– When you have to work together in pairs, succumbs to first for one another with the words “ONIGAI SHUMASU” or “FAQ”.

– When you have finished training along succumb to the words
“Arigato gozaimasu” (thank you) or “FAQ”

– During training exited the dojo only after the director’s permission is obtained.

– Mobile phone and other electronic devices must be turned off during lessons.

– There may not be filmed, and there must not be film / photo from teaching or students who receive instruction unless it is pre-arranged with the Branch Chief

Safety rules:

– By training with partner performs both standing bow (Ritsu-rei), both before and after the training.

– It indicates that both partners agree to exercise that one is aware of the technique required.

– Finger and toenails must be cut short.

– Watches, jewelry, chains like shall not be worn during training
Over comply with these rules can expulsion of the pupil to take place