Dojo start & finish ceremony

Dojo start & finish ceremony:

– When Sensei / director calls “Yame”, providing all students with in each row after its belt & Kyu and heels together in Mosubi dachi.

– The highest grade (black belt / Kyu) must always be on the far right and the other students be up there after

– When you hear “seiza” you sit down in meditation – Stillinge.

Eleven far right sits down first, then no. 2 and no. 3 and so on. (As when a series of domino tiles rollover)

– When Sensei / director shouts “Mokuso” you close the eyes and breathe through your nose and try to achieve the full concentration.

– When the words “Mokuso YAME” opens to the eyes again.

– When Sensei / director says “Shomeni REI” succumbs to the Shomen

– At the command “SENSEI NI REI” or “Sempai NI REI” bent for the director with the words: “onegai shimasu” or “oss”.
Only when you hear “TATE” to travel up and training can begin.

– Ending the training in the same way as you started it, Man succumbs, however, with the words “arigato gozaimasu” (thank you for training or assistance).

– Last bent for student sitting on the far right in the front row.

– This trestle symbolizes a bow to the whole class, again used “arigato gozaimasu” or “oss”.

– When all sitting in the “seiza” no one goes in and out of the dojo.

– Everyone in the dojo relate his calm. the door at the back of the dojo must be closed.

– If you arrive late for class, you sit first in the “seiza” back of the dojo for about a minute efterman has few allowed to travel up then you go up and bows to the instructor, then you can participate in an hour.

– Should students leave the dojo during the actual training hours, contacts you first sensei and bow, then you can leave the dojo.
When back go first up and bows to the instructor before continuing training.