Questions and answers

When admitting new members?

We accept members year round.

Who can start training?

All together, Karate is for all ages, children, young adults who want a better physique, stronger psyche, greater body control, sociability and self-defense.

What to take along on in training?

You have to have the thesis uniform of cotton for training vocation GI in Japanese, where one can order for the club after joining the club.

Can you get Free trial lesson?

Yes, everybody can order free trial of our club through our online booking that you bring training pants and t-shirt / suit shirt and social security card as sample lessons recorded to avoid abuse of this offer.

Should you be in good shape start training?

No it’s not necessary, you can start in any shape you are.

About what you have from karate training?

Karate is art and a sport that challenges both body and mind. The instruction consists of physical exercise that makes you sweat and partly by mental challenges and games / exercises that makes you get tested its limits.

The benefits of training in our club:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Ability to deal with stress
  • Better self-awareness
  • Improve better fitness overall
  • Improve coordination
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve Self confidence
  • Improve Strength
  • Improve relaxation
  • Improve concentration
  • Zen (meditation)
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Self defense
  • The art of budo (martial art)
  • The art of karate
  • Have fun

Among many other benefits it focuses the mind, promotes physical health and can foster a spiritual state of wellbeing. You will start to notice those benefits just after few classes and those will be reinforced further with regular training.

All martial arts / Budo and karate classes are taught by experienced professional teachers/ sensei. They’re open to everyone, whatever your levels of experience are
How to pay club membership fees and payment terms for the quota?

Club fee be paid to the club bank account for payment service in your bank.

By registration, paid pr month or every four months time.

Quota advertised for members is due on the first of the month for 12 months a year even though the club has holiday, summer and winter closed, the monthly fee is calculated on the year norm. Membership can not be suspended.

Exercise equipment:
GI: When enrollment is expected that the student book at an approved club Karate GI / Dogi with Karate club logo,

During kumite / combat training everyone should have his Shin guards, mouth guard, and fighting gloves. Women and junior girls must also acquire chest protection in the form of bowls.

Club Bag: Students must have club bag with club logo

Equipment can be ordered from Sensei / director.

Degree and graduation kyu and belt colors

Club held official graduation for all students of all degrees annually held Kyu graduation twice a year, in June and December.

Upon graduation get karate-students allowed to show what they have learned and how they fit his training during the year. Kyu gradueringren adapted to each student instates in every training session and it is based on what the student and the team have worked with.

This also takes into account the student development, age, participation in training, participation to gasshukus, activities and similar matters.

Therefore graded either all the children or adult learners necessarily to the same degree level at the same time, but each student is advancing at the pace that individually suit them.

For black belt and Dan degrees we have completely different compared to all pupils must hold

If you come from other style?

You start with a white belt, and you will be awarded the belt / the extent to suit a level of Budo and karate club at the first graduation to styles up

Club activities (championships, seminar, exhibition, etc.)

club every year there will be held a club championship, for children, young and adults in all belt levels participate in Kumite (sparring) and kata. It is a club formula and good way to try out the competition part of karate,

It is beyond the club receive many invitations from all over Europe and Japan and Pan America, where we can train our members to make ready style up

The club also abstinence its International Karate and Budo eventer and invite other clubs to visit us.

All applicants over the then-current minimum age may be admitted as members, unless the following caveats
An applicant can not normally obtain membership of the club if he has been convicted for violence or by Branch Chief or Sensei assessment could pose a risk for violent or bad behavior.
At the Branch Chief or Sensei / 1st Director requires, the criminal record is displayed.

* All form diseases that may be hampering your training f. Eg: asthma, epilepsy or other handicaps, must be reported to the instructor – Sensei including what needs to be done by any. attack.

It is the member’s responsibility to submit a printable termination of membership to the club email, and to cancel payment for KSBR Budo & Karate club at the end. Failing this will amount overpaid will not be refunded.
This is also valid in the case of expulsion cf. “Karate ethics”

When club team close?
All the official holiday (Christmas, New anniversary, Easter, etc.) same prism hold close.

We look forward to seeing you in our training.