London Okinawan Genseiryu Karate club
Online training for everyone

Because of the safety of everyone both in university and city of London
We give online training to keep members in safe and also active by Japanese Genseiryu karate training
Please feel free to contact me for your trainings plan

London Genseiryu Karate Club in central London Russell SQ start training in new season January 2020.

Location The Dojo/training local is in SOAS university central building,

Transportation: Near Russell SQ Tube station and Russell SQ garden, not far from Tottenham court road tube station, Euston station, Euston Sq station and Holborn station and few minutes from King cross station, With many busses links around the University, thia make easy for anyone to be member of the club and join the training.

The training is open to all new beginners and advance students for both female and male, for members from inside SOAS university and other universities,
But also students from outside of university are most welcome to join our club and enjoy Japanese hard training to get in good shape and also learn by time self defence,
The Karate training cover all kind of needs you want it as

  • Japanese Martial arts,
  • Good condition
  • Competitions
  • Good self defence
  • Good fitness & health training
  • Japanese / Okinawa Karate way
  • Good flexibility
  • Good power training
  • Good body from
  • Good concentration
  • Good balance

Please feel free to contact us to booking for your training

See you in ISBAA Dojo London