Genkidokairyu is a unique composite system of Budo / martial arts styles from Japan based on karate, aikido, jujitsu, jijitsu, judo, kempo, kobudo with m.m. after Nakayama sensei 10 Dan, stand some founding style

In the beginning, much of the training will be basic traditional karate – about 90% of the techniques, but as the student gets better, a gradually larger part of the teaching is put into other parts, such as Wrist lock techniques,
Release techniques,
Throw techniques,
Fall techniques
and other aikido techniques, judo techniques, Jujitsu techniques, Kempo / Kenpo techniques, Over time, karate will only make up 10% of the techniques of genkidokairyu.
In Dan degrees, kobudo – weapon techniques are taught.

Who can train Genkidokairyu
Genkidokairyu is beneficial for children, young people and adults and is partly a form of training where you learn fall techniques and defense techniques as well as physical and mental balance through your training.
In addition, we have a strong focus on correct behavior and etiquette, which is found in Budo, thereby teaching students to show respect and compassion in the dojo as well as in everyday life.

Genkidokairyu is a complete martial arts system, based on various forms of martial arts and martial arts. For example, liberation techniques, throws and falls are trained. Therefore, this system can be better than many styles of self-defense. Where there are most men for karate, genkidokairyu is an even mix of men, women, young people and children in all age groups from 10/11 years up.

Genkidokairyu is a martial art and a martial art sports

Which is based on an old Japanese traditional martial arts system and is taught in this traditional form.
The training is adapted to your individual abilities in relation to the time you need to acquire the desired skills.

All in all, genkidokairyu is a form of exercise that gives you the most versatile form of exercise. You gain flexibility, improve your fitness and through training and meditation you improve your ability to concentrate.

Genkidokairyu sougobudo
We have an adult, youth and children’s team in the Genkidokairyu style. Our teaching is based on the traditional Japanese budo styles that suit both women and men, and the budo sport form. We accept both beginners and experienced, Genkidokairyu is a highly developed martial art and martial art sports, that combines your needs and interests in physical health, mental and mental balance as well as effective self-defense.