Budo & Karate

About Budo – (bu: ‘war’ and do: ‘path’)
is a collective term for Japanese philosophical ethics and related training methods in the Japanese martial art disciplines. Budo is composed of the root bu (武) means “warrior” and do (道) means “way Budo-Japanese

Budo, collective name for Japanese martial arts like judo, karate, aikido and kendo. Originally Budo Japanese samurai way to the perfection of his craft, suffix do testify that war art under the influence of Zen Buddhism more and more became a ‘way’ for mental development.

A distinction is made between classical budo such as kendo ‘fence’s route’, kyudo ‘arc path’ and modern Budo, such as judo, karate and aikido, which has first been systematized as disciplines in 1900-t.

karate – (jap. ’empty hand’, ie unarmed),
Asian martial art developed on the Japanese island of Okinawa inspiration from China.
The Japanese samurai occupy the Okinawa around 1600 and forbade the people to bear arms. In response, developed the tradition of unarmed martial art further.

It requires some dedication and commitment when you are training traditional karate. Therefore, the training is very intense and physically.